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Quick note that may help some persons :

Lately, I have installed Fedora 15, with KDE as default Desktop Manager, of course. Weirdly, all the GTK applications (Firefox, Gpodder, Rhythmbox, etc.) were really ugly… So I checked what was going wrong, and below is the result of my study.

By the description of the situation, something was obviously wrong with the GTK rendering in my KDE environment.

GTK, like Qt, is going to load up a theme, at application start-up. In order to bring a “KDE” feeling into GTK apps (and thus keeping homogeneity in a KDE environment), there are some Qt-like designs. 2 of them are qtcurve-gtk2 and oxygen-gtk.

The choice of the theme is done via ~/.gtkrc-2.0-kde4. What probably happened is that, in previous Fedora versions, the default was probably oxygen-gtk, and it now defaults to qtcurve-gtk2. But, while installing Fedora 15, I kept my home folder. My ~/.gtkrc-2.0-kde4 was defaulting to the Oxygen theme, but the package was not installed. Therefore, there was no theme, and it was ugly. After making the required changes, everything is much better 🙂

Therefore, the following steps restored a normal behaviour :

  1. install qtcurve-gtk2
  2. Verify that the ~/.gtkrc-2.0-kde4 has the following content :

Of course, it is also possible to use oxygen theme if you set the theme to “oxygen-gtk”. For further info, see the example from the oxygen-gtk documentation (/usr/share/doc/oxygen-gtk-1.0.5/README)

Notes :

  1. I have no idea which one is better, and additional theme may be available too.
  2. Until yesterday, I had no idea how theme worked, I am a complete newb’ in the subject. I apologize for any thing incorrect in the description above.
  3. That caught my interest, I ll definitely look deeper in the subject at a later point.

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